Mermaid Churros Exist Now & You’ll Want Them To Be Part Of Your World

Mermaids are the new unicorns — at least, if this churros restaurant has anything to say about it.

The Loop: Handcrafted Churros in Westminster, California skipped the unicorn trend entirely, and is launching three new mermaid treats this week that will make you give up life on land and retreat to the sea.

The Loop is offering a mermaid glazed loop churro, which features a blueberry glaze and “custom mermaid sparkle sugar” according to Cosmopolitan. If that isn’t quite enough for your poor unfortunate soul, they also offer mermaid chilled loop churros, which are nestled in a bed of soft serve ice-cream and dotted with mini sugar pearls, chocolate pearls, and — what else? — a homemade chocolate mermaid tail.

If you’re seeking a liquid mermaid beverage, they also have magical mermaid lemonade, swirled with blue raspberry, butterfly pea tea, and “magical sparkle.”


The Loop is created by Jed Cartojano, Loan Nguyen, and Minh Nguyen.

“We were initially going to create a unicorn-themed churro,” Cartojano told Cosmo, “but I hated how late we were with catching the trend. The Loop has always been about creating trends or being in the forefront of what trends are to come. To me, mermaids are the new unicorns. Instead of focusing on unicorn rainbow colors, we went with sparkle.”

All of the ‘grammable treats are available now for a limited time — though only in California.


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