This Mermaid Cafe Is A Fairy Tale Come True

A new mermaid-themed cafe recently opened up in Pathum Thani, Thailand and it is honestly the most magical place ever. This just goes to show that it really is better down where it’s wetter (even though it’s not technically under the sea. Hey, we can dream, can’t we?)

The magical cove is called Mermaid Island Cafe and it is an oasis of color and delicious (mermaid-themed) goodies guaranteed to end up on your InInstagramccount. Not only that, but they even give you a mermaid tail blanket to wear while you’re enjoying your happily ever after. Talk about getting into the part. Of course, this all just adds to the cafe’s cute, photogenic nature.

There are a few more locations opening up so visitors can enjoy some mermaid-themed snacks and beverages without the hassle of saltwater in their faces, but unfortunately the chain has not hit the U.S. yet, so we’re waiting with baited breath. (Heck, I’ll even bring my own mermaid tail if I have to, just make this happen.)

If you’re not into the whimsical, brightly colored world of sea folk, fear not. Thailand also has its very own Witch Cafe. It’s like Halloween all year round, with spooky snacks and a dark yet charming aesthetic.

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