Lena Dunham Pens Powerful Response To Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Allegations

Lena Dunham doesn’t mince words in her response to the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

In a note published to Instagram Friday, the 31-year-old Girls creator praises the New York Times article that made these allegations public and urges Hollywood to change its culture.

“This is not an isolated incident,” she writes. “This needs to end, and it’s high time Hollywood shone a light on itself and made real changes in the behavior we accept from those in power.”


Regardless of your opinions on Dunham and her many perceived shortcomings as a woman and feminist, the actress and writer has worked in Hollywood for years, and her points are significant — and represent the experiences of many women in the industry.

Actress Amber Tamblyn recently wrote a fiery essay condemning James Woods for calling her a liar when she alleged he hit on her as a young teen. The president of the United States has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of women. Outside of Hollywood,  thousands of women have been responding to Weinstein’s allegations on Twitter with their own stories of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“By lifting women up, we change this age old story for them and for everyone,” Dunham concludes.

In a society where many women who are able to speak out about sexual harassment are accused of lying, “asking for it,” and waiting too long to come clean, her words ring true.

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