Ashley Graham Is Calling Out Fat Shamers Who Criticize Her For Working Out

Ashley Graham goes to the gym in order to stay healthy, not to lose weight.

The model posted a video on Instagram of her workout on Sunday, October 8 and was upset to see the comment section flooded with haters questioning why she was even exercising.

She posted again later that night in order to highlight some of the comments.

“EVERYTIME after I post a workout video I get comments like…’You’ll never be skinny, so stop trying,’ ‘Don’t workout too hard, you’ll get skinny,’ ‘You still need your fat to be a model,’ ‘Who would you want to loose what made you famous.’

Graham pointed out that there are so many other reasons to exercise besides just losing weight.

“Just for the record- I workout to: stay healthy, feel good, get rid of jet lag, clear my head, show big girls we can move like the rest of em, stay flexible & strong, have more energy…I don’t workout to loose weight or my curves, bc I love the skin I’m in.”

Unfortunately, the model finds herself standing up to haters who judge her body a little too often. In another post, she reminded everyone that they shouldn’t allow others to dictate what their body looks like. She continues to remind girls that perfection doesn’t exist.

Ashley Graham is an incredible role model, hopefully more people can recognize her beauty, instead of attempting to shame her for healthily maintaining it.

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