This Student Faced Backlash For Protesting The Pledge Of Allegiance & Now She’s Suing Her School


India Landry has been sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance for over a year and half and the Principal at her school, Windfern High School has had enough. Principal Martha Strother told India to leave the classroom after she refused to stand. When she refused India was reportedly told to leave school. Now India is suing Winderfern High School.

Allegedly she was kicked out Monday and was told she couldn’t go back to campus until Friday, but she didn’t because she felt unsafe. The senior recounted the incident to KHOU, “And then the pledge came on, and they both stood. And then I didn’t. She asked me to, and I said I wouldn’t. And then she said ‘Well you’re kicked out of here,'” India said.

NY Daily News

India also said that the school officials were making comments how this isn’t the NFL referencing the National Anthem protests. India’s mom, Kizzy Landry recorded her phone call with Principal Strother and Strother said, “She can’t come to my school if she won’t stand for the pledge.”

Now India is facing consequences for being kicked out for four days and didn’t attend one day on her own accord. The school has cited India for her absences, missed homework and assignments. India is a senior who was on track to graduate before being kicked out, now she’s not so sure.

India stopped standing for the Pledge of Allegiance because she felt like it goes against what it stands for. “I don’t think that the flag is what it says it’s for, for liberty and justice and all that. It’s not obviously what’s going on in America today,”

The school district says it’s going to handle the incident internally, but allegedly they told Kizzy that India can’t return if she doesn’t stand. India is suing because kicking her out is a violation of her First Amendment right.

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