This 3-Year-Old Went Missing After Her Dad Forced Her To Stand Outside As Punishment

Richardson, Texas police are doing all they can to locate 3-year-old, Sherin Mathews who went missing this weekend. Sherin went missing when her father, Wesley, made her go stand outside, by herself and in the dark as punishment for not drinking her milk.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, at three in the morning on Saturday, October 7 Sherin’s dad made her go outside and stand next to a tree in their backyard because she wouldn’t drink her milk. When he returned 15 minutes later Sherin was gone.

Coyotes were spotted in the neighborhood and the backyard backs up to railroad tracks, so police are on high alert. But another thing the police are looking into is that Sherin disappeared at 3 AM but Wesley didn’t call the police for five hours after she disappeared. According to BuzzFeed News, Wesley has been arrested with abandoning or endangering charges.

Officers and volunteers have been going around the neighborhood looking for Sherin who according to her dad has limited communications skills and developmental issues. If you know of Sherin’s whereabouts please let the police know.

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