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If you’re like us, you spent the last week binge-watching Riverdale¬†before the season two premiere. And boy, we forgot how much went down during season one! Jason Bloom’s murder stirred up the plot and our entire lives. The last episode in particular left us with so many cliffhangers and questions we desperately need answered in the new season. Here are a few we’re praying will be discussed this season. Spoilers ahead!

1. Who shot Fred Andrews?

This question is the most pressing. Who shot Fred!? Is he okay? Is he dead? We’re sure this will be discussed during the premiere and we’re hoping for the best.

2. What’s going to happen with the Lodge family?

Veronica is left in a complicated family situation at the end of season one. While her mother, Hermoine, is on her father Hiram’s side, V is skeptical and not too fond of him. With Hiram’s past, we’re sure there’s going to be a lot of drama going down.

3. And what about the Coopers?

We’re so happy Betty and her sister are reunited, but we’re sure that some secrets are about to spill out, especially now that we know the Coopers are actually related to the Blossoms (yes, meaning that Polly is carrying the baby of a relative). There’s so much to reveal this season.

4. Who is Betty’s brother?

Speaking of the Coopers, the revelation of Betty and Polly’s brother is a shock! Though he was given up for adoption and hasn’t had contact with his sisters, we’re pretty sure he’ll make an appearance this season. Could he have something to do with the murders? Could he be a serpent?

5. What’s going to happen with Jughead?

We fell in love with Jughead during season one, but aren’t too sure what the future holds for him. Now that he’s at South Side High, is he going to become a serpent? Will he turn on our beloved cast? Or will he be a spy for them to write the best novel ever? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out.

6. Can we get more Kevin Keller, please?

We love Kevin Keller, played by Corey Cott. Here’s hoping season two is full of his antics.

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Meet The Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ Season 2
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