Let’s All Relive The Most Shocking (And Hilarious) Moments From MTV’s ‘Catfish’


MTV’s Catfish has truly changed an already internet-obsessed generation’s relationship with online dating and friendship. Where we once thought that being attached to our phones and meeting people online was as innocent as a MySpace top eight or a Facebook post, Nev Schulman, Max Joseph and their crew have taught us that the web can be a whole lot more sinister than that. Millennials have used this show as a tool for learning about forming healthy, genuine relationships online.

For as serious and generation-defining as the show has been, it’s also pretty hilarious. It’s full of shocking twists and turns, with a single episode leaving viewers breathless and astounded… and laughing their asses off. Catfish has spawned some of the best memes of all time and these live on via Twitter and reruns to our constant amusement.

These are the most shocking and hilarious moments from the past seasons of MTV’s Catfish. Luckily, there will be more seasons to come, with the new season being filmed now, and you can always join them by signing up.

1. “You should’ve never called me a fat ass Kelly Price!”

If this wasn’t the gag of the century then I don’t know what was. Every time I think about this moment, I smile. This woman wanted revenge and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He really should never have called her a fat ass Kelly Price.

2. The phone toss heard ’round the world.

Nev did what all of us want to do to our friend who can’t even take their eyes off their phone long enough to have a normal conversation. In a way, Nev pioneered the ‘live in the moment’ culture of throwing away the phone and being in the present.

This episode lives on in reruns and memes forever and I am grateful.

3. The got-me-there guy.

Ok, so the man from this unforgettable episode was actually kind of alarming. He conned another man into an online relationship that they made intimate with sexting. Nev questioned his intentions and the following dialogue occurred:

Instantly, this turned into a  meme and it continues on Twitter to this day.

This episode is a guaranteed LOL, though it’s also kinda terrifying.

4. Anything and everything Tracie Barbie.

Because I am a kind and generous person, I will not subject you to listening to footage of Tracie Barbie’s speaking voice. Just know that it was on a level that only the average cockapoo could hear and that Nev was brave enough to shut her down. If you’re genuinely interested in learning about the fascinating case of Tracie, a notorious cyberbully, then please head on over to MTV’s website at your own risk.

If you or someone you know is being catfished, you can call the experts, find out the truth and have your own iconic moment on MTV’s Catfish by applying here.

You can also watch episodes of Catfish on MTV every Wednesday at 10/9 central or online.

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