These 14 Creepy Halloween Makeup Transformations Will Confuse You Beyond Words

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Halloween is a short two weeks away and most of us are still scrambling to find the funds and energy to put together a costume that won’t be entirely cliché and overplayed. This year, we can expect to see a mob of Pennywise clones, Wonder Women and inflatable Trump chicken suits (???) parading around our streets.

Don’t worry. There’s still time to find inspiration for Halloween 2017 without having to resort to being a cat. Using paint, latex glue and eyeshadow, these makeup artists show us how we can transform ourselves into horrific, other-worldly creatures. Here are 14 blood-curdling SFX Halloween transformations that will leave you shooketh.

1. This hole.

This makeup plays on an optical illusion that will leave you transformed into an actual hole.

2. Whatever this giant-mouthed monster is.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more grotesque, you can now transform yourself into the demon from Stranger Things.

3. A dead nurse.

The creepiest part about this look are the fake COCKROACHES crawling up her mouth.

 4. An AHS: Cult beehive.


5. This… thing.

This Jigsaw/Pennywise hybrid is here to remind us that doll makeup is indeed creepier than clown makeup.

6. This melting (??) woman.

from @mimles – You make me #melt like butter on toast. 🍞 • This is #makeup • EXTREME MELT makeup #illusion using @kryolanofficial Supracolors and Aquacolors. I felt very inspired after seeing Salvador Dali's original masterpieces at @oakridgecentre today. This was inspired by #Dali's famous #meltingclock. ⏱ #halloweenmakeup #halloween2017 #mimleshalloween #meltingface – _____________________________ Please go give them a follow. _____________________________ Thank you for tagging #thehorrorhub Go give a fellow #horror fan a #follow 🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪 Tag your photos #thehorrorhub to have your account #featured here 🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪 Proud member of @hubdirectory ✔ ______________________________ 🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪🎭🎪 Please go follow @alittlebitofalotshop ✔ Please go follow @the.horror.hub ✔  Please go follow @horror_sketches ✔ ______________________________

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“You make me melt like butter on toast.”

7. The couple from Beetlejuice.

Is it possible to feel simultaneously scared and nostalgic?

8. This.

Just in case you were looking for another creature to terrorize you in your sleep!

9. And this :-(.

The pumpkin king? A voodoo doll? Not really sure what’s going on here.

10. ?

There has to be a law against this.

11. This “gingerbread man.”

Yet another costume set on ruining our childhood memories.

12. This terrifying voodoo doll.

I’m concerned.

13. “Bootstrap Bill Turner.”


14. ???

Too confused to caption.

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