A Clip Of Jason Momoa Joking About Rape Has Resurfaced On Twitter







You can’t tell me that you don’t swoon at the mere sight of Jason Momoa. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a picture or a video. It could even be the very mention of his name. Jason Momoa is the man candy that we all dream about.

Unfortunately, a very disappointing clip of the actor recently resurfaced on Twitter. The video is of Momoa at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 and the sentiments he expresses are extremely troubling.

In the clip, Momoa talks about how he got to “rape beautiful women” during his short time on Game Of Thrones. Of course.


This topic is always tough, but it’s extremely sensitive at the moment in light of Hollywood’s complicit coverup in regards to Harvey Weinstein. These Let’s just make this clear: rape is something that you should NEVER joke about. This isn’t funny, it’s simply perpetuating rape culture.

Twitter was just as upset with Momoa as we are and they made sure to let him know.


So far, the actor hasn’t commented. Hopefully he apologizes and learns from this.

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