J.K. Rowling’s 7 Most Iconic Twitter Roasts Of Donald Trump






If there’s anyone you don’t want to mess with on Twitter, it’s J.K. Rowling. Besides being known for creating the Harry Potter series, Rowling doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling off haters… or President Donald Trump. Of course, having years of writing experience must help. Now that Rowling has a bit more free time than she previously did, and hundreds of millions, she can save her writing for social media. The woman shades, and makes it known who she’s directing it at. With Twitter’s character increase to 280, it’ll be double the back-talk. See all of the iconic moments when J.K. Rowling shut it down with her words.

1. Trump attempted to credit himself for coming up with word “fake” and Rowling was not having it.

2. With the NFL kneeling controversy, Trump made his stance clear and Rowling was quick to call him out.

3. When Hurricane Harvey hit this past summer, Rowling had some words for how President Trump handled the disaster.

4. Rowling had to do a bit of sleuthing to uncover this one. This just didn’t age well.

5. Someone thought that the Trump gang belonged in Slytherin. Rowling thought otherwise.


6. Perhaps there needs to be a Presidential Spell Checker?


7. Throwback to the time that Rowling thought labeling Trump as Voldemort was too much of a compliment.

If Rowling ever published a novel of all the times she slayed on Twitter, hey, I’d buy it.

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