No One Knows What Color This Shoe Is

If you don’t remember the debate about the blue and white dress, well consider yourself lucky! Or maybe you’re really young and honestly shouldn’t be on the internet. The world was hooked on debating if this dress was black and blue or white and gold. It literally shook the nation.

Now a pair of Vans is dividing the nation. Twitter user @TFILDOLANS posted a photo of a shoe asking, “What color is this.” A plain and simple question, with two answers.

Some people think the shoe it teal and gray and others think it’s pink and white.

Turns out, the owner of the controversial shoe is a friend and tweeted two photos of the shoe explaining the color change.

Okay so the shoe IS pink and white, but some people don’t believe that. Mostly because the girl who owns the shoe tweeted this as a joke and people now don’t believe her.

Now everyone is lost.

We are a divided nation once again.

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