These DIY ‘Stranger Things’ Costumes Will Turn Your Halloween Upside Down

Ever since it debuted last July, Stranger Things has captivated the world. The ’80s-themed sci-fi thriller has become a cultural phenomenon and in the process gained a loyal legion of fans. One of the best things about the hit Netflix original series is that it makes for some truly awesome Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for a killer individual costume or an epic group costume idea, Stranger Things has you covered.

Here’s a guide to DIY some of your favorite characters from the upsidedown.

1. Eleven

Eleven is by far the most distinctive character on the show. This makes her one of the easiest characters to replicate for your next costume party. The first and most important item to get for an Eleven costume is a blonde wig. Any Party City or costume store is a great place to pick one up.

Next is the iconic pink dress Eleven sports. While the one featured in the show has long sleeves and a white collar, there is no shame in sprucing up the ensemble. After you’ve gathered the wig and the dress the final touches come from the accessories. Eleven also rocks white knee-high socks, a box of Eggo waffles and perfectly ’80s blue jacket.

Having trouble finding inexpensive costume elements? Try your local thrift store or Goodwill!

2. Barb

Not only is Barb one of Stranger Things‘ most underrated characters, she also has an epic look. If you want to emulate the character taken from fans too soon then you’ll need just a few things. First, you can’t be Barb without her iconic glasses. Any plastic or metal framed glasses will do. Next, be sure to grab both a ruffled plaid shirt and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans. Those three items definitely ensure you’ll give off the Barb look. Last but not least, if you’re really committed to the look you’ll have to grab a short, red, curly wig.

With all these things you’ll have everyone at the nearest costume party cheering “justice for Barb!”

3. Dustin

Of all the kids in Stanger Things other than Eleven, Dustin has the most recognizable style. Not only is he absolutely hilarious and adorable, his style is extremely easy to recreate. All you need is his signature red and blue trucker hat and a curly brown wig and you’re all set. Additional accessories to take the costume to the next level include a blue jacket, a backpack and an old t-shirt.

Oh, and don’t forget: a love for Dungeons & Dragons is optional but a serious plus!

4. Letters on the Wall

Winona Ryder’s character in Stranger Things, Joyce Byers, goes through a lot of turmoil throughout the first season of the show. However, she doesn’t let the disappearance of her son take her hope. In an attempt to communicate with him she writes out the alphabet on her living room wall so her son Mike can communicate with her.

Not only are the letters on the wall are a crucial plot point in the show, they also make for a really unique costume. For this costume, all you need is a button-up shirt (preferably that looks like wallpaper), Christmas lights and a black marker to write letters on your shirt. After that, you’re ready to go!

There are endless Stranger Things costume ideas to try and these are just a few. Now go off and defeat the Demogorgon!

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