The Official Guide To Treating Yourself On Treat Yo Self Day


Today is the best holiday and, in my humble opinion,  should be considered a national holiday. Today is Treat Yo Self day!

For any non-Parks and Recreation fans let me fill you in on this glorious day.Treat Yo Self day is a holiday that characters Donna and Tom created and the whole day is about treating yourself to lavish goods, foods and activities. It’s a simple day full of self love.

It’s time to put yourself above everyone else and treat yo self with the help of our ultimate Treat Yo Self day list.

Spa Day

A spa day is the ultimate TREAT YO SELF! Don’t skimp out at the spa and get the VIP treatment. From a facial to a body massage, to a manicure and pedicure. Get it all done because you deserve it.

Shopping Spree

This may be easier said than done, because no one wants to go broke or in debt on Treat Yo Self day. So I would say to buy that one thing you have been longing to purchase but haven’t mustered up the strength to buy. You work hard and deserve nice things!

Uber Everywhere

Treat yo self and your tired feet and use a ride app all day. This is a lavish, celebrity move so it’s perfect for Treat Yo Self day. If you have the money, order the SUV and lounge while on your way to work.

Expensive Dinner

Going out to eat is a treat when you’re balling on a budget. But since it’s Treat Yo Self day going out to eat at a pricey restaurant is a great way to show yourself some love. Don’t forget dessert!


Book that trip you have been dying to go on. Sip on a glass of rosé and hit that book button because, honey, it’s time to treat yo self!

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