What Is #WomenBoycottTwitter?







Beyoncé said it best. “Who runs the world? Girls.” Women prove their power every day, but Friday, October 13, 2017, some women will choose silence over ardent expression in the name of protest.

After Twitter suspiciously suspended Rose McGowan’s account because it claimed that she violated its policies, hundreds of women spoke out about the social media site’s hypocrisy. It’s well-known that Twitter is hesitant to suspend Nazis and sexual harassers in the name of free speech, but when it comes to women speaking out, as well as people of color and members of the LGBTQ community, the site is happy to pull the censorship trigger.

Many women are acting in opposition to the policy and standing with McGowan in the hopes of the website amending its policies and practices. Their hope is that their silence will demonstrate their necessity to the social media website, emptying its feeds and acting as an effective boycott.

Several celebs and big names have stood in solidarity with McGowan and those behind the #WomenBoycottTwitter movement.

Others expressed that they’d follow suit.


It’s necessary to say that these movements don’t always favor intersectional feminist practices, meaning that they tend to be done with only white women’s rights and struggles in mind and not with any thought of black, poor, or LGBTQ female-identified people.

For example, many questioned where white feminists fell amidst the controversial and unfair suspension of Jemele Hill. There was little support for a black woman to the point of a decreed social media protest, proving that feminism can be one-sided and mismanaged when only done in the name of some women. True feminism keeps the intersections of identity in mind, supporting all women, not just the privileged white ones.

With that said, many said that they’d skip out on the boycott and instead use the silence of predominantly straight, white women to amplify the voices and mediums of others or to voice their opinions.

Will you be boycotting Twitter?

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