People Are Recreating Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’ Album Cover To Prove If It Was Photoshopped

Ariana Grande‘s 2014 album My Everything is under scrutiny because of her pose on the stool. It looks like her butt isn’t even on it. Jesse McLaren decided to test out the pose himself and he does NOT look like Ari.

Jesse can’t perfectly perch his body on the tiny stool like Ariana.

After his original tweet, he tweeted at Ariana when she was online asking for the truth! Did she actually balance herself on the stool or is it photoshopped? By the looks of it, it seems that the cover is Photoshopped.

The responses to Jesse’s tweet are INSANE! He isn’t the only one who tested out Ari’s crazy pose, but it looks like he is the only one who couldn’t do it. Many people tweeted at him their perfect Ari pose.

Even though others can do the pose a lot of people, myself included, are still sus about how Ari pulled it off.

But we all know this is how she’s balancing on the stool.

So what is the truth, Ariana? are you God or where you photoshopped?

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