This Teen’s Halloween Contact Lenses May Have Partially Blinded Her For Life

Committing to a Halloween costume one hundred percent is the key to slaying the holiday, but maybe don’t wear costume contact lenses. Leah Carpenter, a senior at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan has suffered life-changing damages to her eye because of costume lenses.

Leah dressed up for a Halloween theme game for her powder puff team. Everyone was dressing up as zombies, so she bought creepy lenses to match her costume because who wouldn’t?

The next day her eye was swollen and red. WXYZ reports that her mom, Dawn Carpenter thought she had pink eye because it was so swollen and irritated. When they went to the ophthalmologist they found out that it wasn’t pink eye.

The costume contact took off the top layer of Leah’s cornea. It has caused her to be partially blind in her one eye and she¬†may need surgery now. Even though buying costume contact lenses are common it’s illegal because they are a medical product and you need a prescription.

Leah bought her lenses from Body Jewelry & More whose website says they are FDA approved lenses, but that is a lie.

Ever since the incident Leah has been going to the doctors every day and is way behind on her schoolwork. So maybe skip the contact lenses this Halloween and every year from now on. No costume is worth sacrificing your vision.

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