Fitness Trainer Claps Back After Instagram Removes Photos Of Her Cellulite

Come on, Instagram. I thought we’d been over this before. Whoever is in charge of flagging content might need to get a lesson in how not to body shame.

Let’s begin with some introductions first. Say hello to Mallory King, a 25-year old fitness trainer. This Florida resident has been meticulously documenting her weight loss on Instagram since 2011. Nothing new about that, right? There are countless other men and women who do that same.

Unfortunately, body-shamers roam the internet day and night for their next target, and Mallory was the lucky lass chosen. After a user left a rude comment on a photo regarding her cellulite, King responded with a sass that would make anyone proud. As much as we loved to read it, Instagram was less than pleased and removed that photo altogether. Needless to say, King was furious at the unfairness of it all.

Lucky for King, the Sunday Morning View reposted her photo, complete with its original caption for all to witness. It was truly glorious.

She wrote:

For that guy who made a negative comment about my cellulite yesterday. There are so many worse things in life than cellulite, like your shitty attitude. Let people do whatever the fuck they want and look however they please and post whatever makes them happy. Find a hobby and worry about ya damn self.

Get it, girl. Instagram has nothing on you. Before you start claiming that her tactful middle finger or choice of clothing violated Instagram’s photo policy, take a moment to consider the other thousand photos circulating with far worse obscenities. Seriously, I’ve seen other photos on Instagram that would make anyone blush, and they’re still up with little complaint.

After Instagram removed her photo, King opted to change her tactics and do a retake.

See Instagram? No middle finger. Just a lovely woman with an equally lovely smile. In her caption, she fired back at Instagram for their less than fair removal of her photo. King guessed it had less to do with her clothing and more to do with her cellulite. I personally don’t see how it could possibly be offensive when there are so many other photos of people in even less clothing. Get it together, Instagram.

As of late, King still updates her Instagram page with body-positive messages and updates on her weight loss journey. She’s even renewed her fitness training certificate in order to help others achieve their goals, as well as be happy and comfortable in their own skin.

“Sure, it’s great to be satisfied with where you’re at but never stop reaching for more out of yourself and your life. There is always room for improvement,” she wrote on a Facebook group chat concerning settling versus going for your goals. “I’m not just talking weight loss here. Hate your job? Find one you think you’ll enjoy more. Hate the town you live in? Move. Hate your relationship? Fix it or leave it. Hate your body? Figure out how to love it.”

This woman is a gem and deserves all the love and support in the world.

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