Mandy Moore Responded To Instagram Body-Shamers & It Was Epic

Mandy Moore has recently taken back her spot in the limelight thanks to her role on the hit show This Is Us, but even people as well-liked as Moore get mean comments, like the ones left by a handful of her Instagram followers this past weekend.

The star recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and reposted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram from the appearance.

Some of the comments on the snap read:

“Don’t lose any more weight.”

“You don’t even look like Mandy Moore anymore #stopbeingplastic #usedtobehot.”

“You need to eat a biscuit. Or ten.”

“Photoshop much?”

After receiving such hateful comments on her photos, she updated her caption to read,

“Love any time I get to hang with the sweetest @jimmyfallon on @fallontonight. Watch us at 11;35 on @nbc!! And ps: I am 5’10 and a size 6. I have NEVER photoshopped pictures. That’s not what I’m about. If you’re going to be rude about people’s bodies go elsewhere.”

Her response was honest and direct. Body-shaming happens too often, regardless of what the person’s body looks like. Many fans commended Moore on her reply, with one writing:

“Seeing theses comments about “she’s too skinny”, “she’s ruined herself what a shame” and “she edited the photos to look thinner” this saddens me. Society puts too much emphasis on what we should look like on the outside instead of how we should carry ourselves on the inside. @mandymooremm is radiant and that people comes from within! People should be ashamed! She shouldn’t feel the need to put how tall and what size she is. That’s her personal business. I see more and more celebrities posting moments in there lives to share with their fans and in there comments below their posts “ Please no negative comments.” They shouldn’t have to do this. They’re sharing moments in there lives they think their fans will like, they don’t have too. Just like you don’t have to follow them. If don’t like no comment or no like and keep moving on. I’ll step off my soapbox now and to@mandymooremm again you are a radiant human being! ❤️”

“Truly lovely. Thanks for spreading the positivity!! 💕”

“Just gorgeous!”


Moore told Cosmopolitan that she doesn’t have tolerance for people commenting on each other’s bodies.

She said,

“I guess I shouldn’t have said anything, but I didn’t Photoshop! I’m not some teeny tiny person and I don’t pride myself. Look, I like to take care of myself and I try to eat healthy and I work out, but I’m a tall girl with a real body. I don’t know, I’ve never been accused of that before. I felt like I had to jump in and say something because we don’t need to be talking about people’s bodies. Not on my Instagram, at least.”

In conclusion, no matter who we’re talking about, body-positivity is always the right answer.

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