Once Again, Twitter Is Dragging Bow Wow

Twitter has done it again. Social media users are roasting Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, within an inch of his life using some hilarious memes.

After laying low since the #BowWowChallenge, the rapper decided to take another L and reposted this iconic picture on Twitter yesterday of the Death Row lineup in 1996, captioning it, “Where it all started…” People took notice, however, that the picture also displays the rapper conveniently photoshopped into the center of the image.

And so the #BowWowChallenge recommenced.


The rapper then attempted to retract his original comments, stating that a fan had sent him the photoshopped image and that he was in fact signed to Death Row.

Although there was kinda (??) some truth to the edited image (read: Bow Wow did not have a contract with Death Row but was affiliated with Snoop Dogg in the early ’90s), by the time Bow Wow addressed the backlash, it was too late. Twitter went off.



Bye bye, Bow Wow.

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