Howard University Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

Washington’s D.C.’s police department reported that they are responding to an active shooter at Howard University’s campus.

There is no other information right now or confirmation, but students are told to take precaution if on campus.

Police received reports of a shooter on campus around noon. They were quickly on campus and tweeted out about the alleged shooting a little after 12:21 PM.

A WTOP reporter tweeted that police were evacuating an educational building on campus.

Howard University hasn’t emailed students about the shooting. Students have taken to Twitter to confirm the shooting and what the police on campus have told them to do.

Howard University students have been very politically vocal these past few months. Students protested James Comey’s speech on campus and their cheerleaders have been taking a knee during the national anthem. There is no information if these politically charged actions and the potential shooting are connected.

This is a developing story.


Howard University tweeted that they were anonymously made aware of a shooter on campus. The police are currently sweeping the campus.

Students and staff should take shelter and stay there until the campus is safe.


Howard University just tweeted out that there is no confirmation and police are still sweeping.


Howard University tweeted out at 1:51 PM that the police are still investigating and sweeping campus.

Stay safe if you’re on campus.


Howard University tweeted at 2:08 PM that all university buildings were swept and are cleared.

There is no confirmation if there was a potential shooter found or if the authorities didn’t find a threat.

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