Break Out Your Paintbrushes Because Everybody Is Painting Pumpkins On Their Babies’ Butts

It’s fall which means the inevitable. Pumpkin patches will be visited, hayrides will be ridden, pumpkin spice lattes will be drank and apples will be picked. This season is a glorious time, but sometimes people are too into fall. You know what I’m talking about. The people who have literal countdowns on their phone for PSLs to return and will carve a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight on October first.

Sometimes fall lovers actually find real love and have babies. Then their love of this season is pushed onto their offspring. You know who these people are because there are photos of their baby in at a pumpkin patch or in a pile of leafs. But those photo ops are so last year. Now parents are painting pumpkins on their babies BARE bottoms and taking pictures of it.

This trend has picked up steam thanks to Instagram. Everyone posting a photo uses the hashtag #PumpkinButt.

Some people think the trend is cute, while others think it’s not. I am on the fence about the trend because one I love babies and their fat legs, but I don’t necessarily love the idea of a pumpkin butt.

Speaking hypothetically, if I was a parent I wouldn’t want to take the time to hold my baby down and paint their butt than wash it off. But that is just me.

I don’t know if pumpkin butts are going to stick around and become a staple of the fall season, but right now they are definitely trending.

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