Meet Dacre Montgomery, The Hot New Star Of ‘Stranger Things’

The long-awaited second season of Stranger Things will introduce a few new characters to the mix, including a guy named Billy, played by 22-year-old Australian actor Dacre Montgomery.

Billy is a bully who tortures and controls his younger singer, Max, played by Sadie Sink. They are both the new kids in Hawkins after moving from California. Montgomery actually landed the role in Stranger Things by sending in a tape of himself wearing a g-string with a leather jacket and crazy glasses dancing to ’80s music.

Most recently, the actor played the Red Ranger in the reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers this year. He never actually watched Power Rangers growing up, so he used his mother as superhero inspiration. Have you ever heard anything cuter?

The actor also does the best he can to stay fit. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he trained to be a Power Ranger for two and half months for six days per week, three hours per day. “I’d get up in the morning, work with a couple of phenomenal trainers, doing a lot of MMA, kickboxing, CrossFit, boxing, a whole variety of stuff, just learning about my physique and flexibility,” he said. “And in the middle of the day, I’d work in the gym, doing a lot of muscle work. And then in the evenings I’d do yoga and learn about my diet.”

Get to know the new guy and scroll through some of his photos. You definitely won’t regret it.

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