In Honor Of His 30th Birthday, These Are Zac Efron’s Best Moments

Everyone’s favorite heartthrob just turned 30 today.

That’s right! Zac Efron is now in his “dirty thirties” and what better way to celebrate this big day than to count down some of our favorite Zac Efron moments?

We could choose from so many of his finest times, but in the end, here are some of his best.

Obviously, when Efron was shirtless in nearly every scene of Baywatch.

Or that #relatable time when Efron face-planted in a Baywatch scene by accident.

How about when he showed his sense of humor with the help of a few mean tweets?

And when Efron took being a hot frat guy to a whole new level in Neighbors.

When he laughed at an old photo of himself before his big glow up.

When he showed the world that he was all grown up in The Lucky One.

When he used his role in Hairspray to challenge societal norms and fight for racial equality.

And finally, no walk down memory lane would be complete without mentioning the movie that started it all, High School Musical.

It’s hard to believe that Troy Bolton is a man now, but we’ll never forget his iconic place in our childhoods.

Happy birthday, Zac! Thank you for all of the memories.

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