CSU Students Outraged Over Anti-LGBTQ Posters On Campus



The Cleveland State University campus is outraged over anti-LGBTQ posters hung on on the school’s grounds. To say that the following details are triggering is an understatement, so please be warned that there is graphic discussion of suicide and homophobia in relation to the poster.

The fliers encouraged LGBTQ-identified students to kill themselves, used homophobic slurs and touted troubling statistics about the high rate of suicides in the LGBTQ community.

Ronald Berkman, the President of CSU, didn’t do anything about it, which outraged students even more. Instead of condemning the act, he defended it, claiming that it qualified as free speech. He later took to Twitter to defend his reaction.

CSU students responded flawlessly, telling him exactly what they thought of the posters and his response.

The Human Rights Campaign has spoken up about this and they also are not happy with Berkman’s response. They released a statement to Insider Higher Ed saying, “It’s disappointing that CSU President Ronald Berkman failed to initially grasp the seriousness of the despicable anti-LGBTQ fliers that appeared on his campus.”

The president of CSU has not responded yet to his students’ expressions of hurt and anger. We hope that everyone on campus stays safe.

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