Another Beauty Brand Is Under Fire For Racial Insensitive Skincare Ads

Skincare brands seem to not understand what advertising is considered problematic and racist. The Dove campaign where a black woman turned into a white woman had such a severe backlash that you think other brands would take note.

Nivea has had their fair share of problematic advertising. A previous campaign had a woman in a white robe that read, “White is purity.” According to Teen Vogue, the brand said it wasn’t supposed to be racist even though white supremacists were praising it.

Now Nivea’s new campaign has similar racial undertones. It seems like the brand needs to add another seat at their table and hire a person of color to prevent these tone-deaf advertisements to keep happening.

The new advertisement is for their Natural Fairness moisturizer. The video shows an African-American woman applying the moisturizer and her skin starts becoming lighter. In the photo for the product, it says “For visibly fairer skin.”

The product and advertisement are being placed throughout Africa. The campaign promotes colorism and people are outraged. A lot of Twitter users are using the hashtag #PullItDown to promote taking down the problematic and racially fueled ad.

"For visibly fairer skin" – Nivea

— nii (@niikotei) October 17, 2017

Just imagining what this billboard is pushing school kids to check out…#PullItDown #Uganda

— E. Otim (@iDEASUG) September 25, 2017

@NIVEAUSA @niveauk @FuseODG @ameyaw112 @Citi973 Nivea take them down now.Take these Ads down in Ghana and anywhere in Africa. WeLoveBlack

— Amanfuor President ✌ (@ghcounty) October 17, 2017

Now Nivea are mad racist?

WHAT SKIN CARE PRODUCTS CAN I USE FOR GOODNESS SAKE? lol i stopped using Dove as well 😂

— #LaidBarePodcast (@Oloni) October 18, 2017

Nivea released a statement saying that they hear the concerns that people are saying about the advertisement but show no signs of taking down the campaign.

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