The Internet Is Exploding Because Of This Epic Mac & Cheese Fail

When it comes to the dreaded office potluck, there are two kinds of people. There are the people who panic and resort to bringing some booze or store-bought chips and dip, and then there are the people who think that it’s an audition for MasterChef, showing off their great cooking skills.

If Gordon Ramsey, Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, or even the average person walked into a potluck and saw this:

The reaction would, appropriately, be:


Hell no.

The Twitterverse exploded when they saw Twitter user Janis Levinson’s post about her coworker’s “offensive” potluck offering:

I would go home. This Mac n Cheese creates an unsafe work environment.

— Morgan Campbell (@MorganPCampbell) October 19, 2017

One Twitter user was quick to point out Levinson’s coworker’s creation hit the mark grammatically, at the very least.

Well. As advertised. There is mac. And there is cheese. 🙀

— Kitty Chandler (@mightybattlecat) October 19, 2017

But she was quickly shut down:

This is not mac and cheese. It is mac, with some cheese, touching each other.

— Madame Librarian (@YayBooksYay) October 19, 2017

Someone, please get this woman a recipe or a grandma.

She thought it was supposed to be a salad??? Does she have a grandma?

— Martin Luther Kling, III (@freakyfootbruh) October 19, 2017

Listen, if you can’t do it, then don’t try making this your Chopped audition. Sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace your skills and bring the wine. The office (and Twitter) will be much, much happier for it.

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