Pink Airs Out Her Dirty Laundry & Says Christina Aguilera Tried To Fight Her In A Club

Pink has no problem dragging old drama out from the grave and bringing it back to life on national television. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Pink talked about old beef with another 90s pop star Christina Aguilera. The two didn’t get along while recording the iconic song, “Lady Marmalade.”

During a WWHL segment, Plead The Fifth, Andy asked Pink to spill some tea. When he asked her about her previous drama with Christina, Pink told a story that no one could have been prepared for.

She admitted that the two of them didn’t get along when they first met. She said that because they were both young and were both alpha’s they never meshed. “You have to learn, women have to learn how to support each other. It’s not taught to each other in the playground,” she said.

Pink then went on to further highlight their differences, “I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to having them verbal.” Andy was rightfully taken aback that she would bring up the difference in how they fight so he pressed Pink and asked if they ever got in a fight. “Actually, she swung at me in a club. Hilarious! I was like, ‘What’s happening right now? What’s happening?'”

The pair has come a long way since fighting in the club. The two made amends on The Voice and actually collaborated on a song. Pink holds no grudge against Christina and just attributed her physical violence to having a bad day.

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