These Party Ideas Will Make You The Queen Of Halloween

Alright, so it’s been a few years since you’ve been able to trick-or-treat but you’ve still got the Halloween spirit. So, what are you to do? Throw a themed Halloween party!

A good party is innovative, creative, topical and fun. It can create the perfect atmosphere for new memories and bonding. If you’re looking to throw the hottest Halloween bash of the year, try one of these themes and impress even your most ghoulish guests.

1. Murder Mystery Party

The murder mystery party is a sitcom staple — and for good reason. This is the perfect party for any host hoping to make their party a true experience. As is typical with most murder mystery dinner parties, all that is required is a specific guest list, a party kit and dinner.

Most murder mystery kits can be purchased at any party store. Kits usually come complete with a murder story, invitation and characters for attendees to play. These simple steps will leave your friends wondering, “whodunit?”

2. Haunted House

Party City

What is Halloween without a haunted house? The answer: nothing!

Impress all of your friends by throwing a haunted house-themed party and scaring their socks off. This is the perfect opportunity to share your love of Halloween and all things spooky. In order to throw the creepiest haunted house party, gather any and all scary things you can find. Fake spiders and spider webs, bloody fake eyeballs and poisonous potions. If it’s scary looking, it belongs in your home!

With these ghastly decorations, your guests will be beyond ready to do the monster mash.

3. Freak Show/ Haunted Circus


While the vote is still out on American Horror Story: Freak Show, there is still plenty of time to throw a circus-themed party. Awe your guests by immersing them in a truly oddball experience.

For a fun and authentic feeling party, try playing with the typical circus and carnival staples. A zombie fortune teller, killing booth and scary carnival games all make for an unforgettable time. Don’t forget the creepy cutout for guests to take pictures!

4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become a true cultural phenomenon. Therefore, throwing a Stranger Things themed party would make you the coolest and most topical of all your friends. The best part about this party is the sheer simplicity of the premise.

All you need to create the atmosphere are some Christmas lights, lamps and a kitchen full of Eggo waffles. Recreate the show’s iconic wall of letters in your own home and have guests try and contact those trapped in the upside down. In addition, themed drinks, missing Barb signs and general ’80s themed accents all make for an amazing party.

Any of these four party ideas are sure to wow your guests and score you infinite cool points. For a truly unforgettable night create a hashtag or Snapchat filter and make sure your guests capture the nights more memorable moments.

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