This College Student’s Tweets About Her Crazy Roommate Will Make Your Roommate Seem Sane

Having a crazy college roommate is inevitable and a right of passage. If you never had an unbearable roommate in college, well you didn’t get the full experience. Sharing insane roommate stories is fun because everyone is trying to outdo each other. But Twitter user BreanneDodge has won the craziest roommate award.

Breanne is a freshman at Illinois State University and started a thread about her obnoxious freshman roommate and it does not disappoint. Spoiler alert, they are no longer roommates and couldn’t make it a full year living together.

The two met before move-in day, which is standard for college roomies. She knew instantly that her roommate would be, to put it lightly, a handful.

It’s freshmen roommate protocol that you guys go out together all the time in the beginning of the year because you don’t know anyone else yet! But, Breanne’s roomie is more of an entertainer than a partier.

Needless to say, the party invites stopped.

But crazy roommate is relentless. She will do anything to be invited, even drugs.

Party or not the craziness continued.

PDA is a no-go for me, sorry.

Hooking up didn’t make her saner. It may have even made her crazier.

To be fair I have pretended to be hosting a makeup tutorial while doing my makeup, but I would NEVER do that in front of another person.

Now crazy roommate has a boo and has lost all respect for everything, even Breanne’s fish.

Couch boy is trying to break things off, but crazy girls don’t give up easily.

Moving on to other craziness that isn’t about boys.

This should be illegal.

Again, this should be illegal.

Good idea, but poorly executed. If couch boy doesn’t care then it has no impact.

The whole dorm floor is now involved. According to Breanne, we aren’t even at the BEST part.

If she knocked then you respond! That is the final straw for Breanne.

Rule of thumb, any college girl who gets her mom involved in her drama is definitely crazy. There is no science behind it, just a lot of first-hand experience. Breanne knew she wasn’t lying because her name is on the back of hers. So she proves her point.

I know this is a lot for a chair, but there is no rhyme or reason when fighting with a crazy roommate. Breanne gave an update and said her fish survived the trauma of being knocked over and is doing well.

Crazy roomies are truly the worst.

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