Brown University Is Now Offering Free Tuition To Displaced Puerto Rican Students

Puerto Rico has been in a devastating condition ever since the American territory was hit by Hurricane Maria. Most of the island is still without power even though the hurricane hit in late September.

Because the island is in such disarray, students at the University of Puerto Rico haven’t been able to resume studies. Brown University is trying to help dislocated students by offering free tuition to their campus in Providence, Rhode Island.

According to The Hill, the Ivy League school will enroll upwards to 50 students. Brown said in their statement that they will also help the students with travel and housing.

Brown’s actions are very noble and super helpful, but the University of Puerto Rico has 60,000 students enrolled this year. But Brown’s rather quick mobilization to enroll students is amazing and other universities should follow suit.

Brown’s President Christina Paxson says that donating to relief agencies is important, but also having displaced students enroll “align with our core strengths of teaching and research.”

University officials and staff have been going above and beyond and hosting the Puerto Rican students on top of the University housing. This is a great example of a school and community coming together to help others.

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