Top 15 Colleges With The Most Expensive Application Fees

There are very few and lucky college students who get to attend on full rides. But for the rest of us, college is expensive. Not only is tuition costly, but applying to colleges can put a dent in your bank account. On top of testing fees (why do I have to pay for a test that I don’t want to take?), there are also college application fees.

Casting a wide net when applying to colleges is key to see all of your options, and getting numerous acceptance letters is an undeniable confidence booster. But, college application fees can start getting expensive fast. According to U.S. News Short List, the average application fee is $43, but sometimes they go WAY higher than that.

So here are the top 15 colleges with the highest application fees.

1. Stanford University

This California school sits on top of the list with an application fee of $90. It costs a pretty penny to even consider being part of this west coast school. Are you surprised an Ivy League isn’t number one?

2. Columbia University

Number two, three and four are in a four-way tie. Ties are common in this list. Columbia University’s application fee is a whopping $85 and is the most expensive Ivy to apply to.

3. Duke University

Just like Columbia, Duke University’s application will cost you $85.

4. North Carolina State University – Raleigh

Applying to North Carolina State University will cost you $85.

5. Boston University

Applying to Boston University is cheaper than the above colleges but not by much. Applying here will set you back $80, which seems to be the sweet spot for application fees for the rest of this list.

6. Brandeis University

Just like Boston University this other Massachusetts college, Brandeis University, has their application fee at $80 too.

7. Cornell University

It’ll cost you $80 to apply to this New York Ivy League school.

8. Dartmouth College

Okay, Ivy’s are expensive. Dartmouth’s application fee is a grand total of $80.

9. University of Connecticut

UCONN isn’t messing around with their $80 application fee.

10. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

If you want to wear UNC’s iconic Carolina blue you have to cough up $80 to apply.

11. University of Southern California

Applying to the University of Southern California isn’t cheap. Be prepared to dole out $80 for your application.

12. Villanova University

Villanova’s application fee is also $80.

13. Yale University

If you want to be a Yale Bulldog be ready to spend $80 on their college application.

14. Barnard College

Finally, a college who’s application is less than $80. Barnard College’s application comes to the cheap total of $75.

15. Boston College

Following Barnard’s lead, Boston College’s application fee is also $75.

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