The NAACP Warns African-Americans Against Booking Flights On American Airlines

The NAACP has issued their own travel advisory for African-Americans to not fly with American Airlines.

In their statement, the organization wrote that they have been “monitoring a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African-American passengers, specific to American Airlines.” Then they list the “disturbing incidents” that they have noticed from the airline company.

The first incident was when Rev. William Barber was forced to give up his purchased seat because he responded to racist comments that two other white passengers were making. He was kicked off of a flight from Washington D.C. to North Carolina in late 2016 and he has since sued the airline company.

The second incident the NAACP cites is when Rane Baldwin was downgraded from first-class to coach even though she purchased and paid for a first-class ticket. Her white travel partner, Janet Novack wasn’t downgraded with her. The incident happened in May and Baldwin said she complained to the company and they didn’t accommodate or listen to her.

BuzzFeed/Tamika Mallory

The third incident that the organization mentioned was when activist Tamika Mallory was removed from a flight in October. The reasoning for her removal is believed to be racially motivated because she got into an argument with a gate agent over a seat assignment before boarding the flight.

The final incident that they noted happened in August when Harvard Law Student and mother, Briana Williams and her 4-month-old baby were removed from a flight because she asked for her stroller from checked baggage. Her flight was delayed for five hours and she had three bags and a baby, so a stroller would have been helpful. Instead, she was perceived as a threat and police intervened.

According to BuzzFeed, American Airlines has since reached out to the NAACP to try and create a dialogue. NAACP distributing a warning against American Airlines for their recent and multiple racist actions is important because it holds the company responsible.

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