This Couple’s Engagement Photos Have Twitter Shook Over This One Thing


There’s a running joke that all camouflage patterned things are actually invisible. It’s an amazing joke that makes fun of camo’s ability to do what it should do, camouflage.

When Julissa and Austin Nash took their engagement photos, they decided to take them with Austin wearing his army uniform. They didn’t consider how powerful camo can be.

They took their photos outside. Julissa was wearing a cute off the shoulder orangey brown dress, which is perfect for fall and tall cowboy boots. Their photos turned out great so Julissa shared them on her Twitter, which isn’t a good idea. Post your meaningful photos on Instagram or else be prepared to go viral.

The photos are really cute, but that’s not why they are blowing up.

Did you notice Austin in the first photo?

Did you really?

Don’t worry you aren’t the only one who didn’t see him in a push-up position.

Everyone used to make fun of camo for not blending into its surroundings, but clearly the jokes on them. It also doesn’t help that the tree in the background is so close it looks like she’s leaning on it. Either way, camo won this round.

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