First Of All, Twitter’s Latest Meme Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Tweets

Most millennials have had an adult question them about their phone use at some point or another. It’s incredibly condescending for an adult to attempt saying that because our generation is more digitally adept that we also don’t have values or can’t think about so many deep, important things.

“You’re always on your phones,” they say. “Back in my day, we didn’t have avocado toast. That’s why your generation can’t afford cars.”

First of all, your generation ruined the economy and you’re all going to die soon, Marsha. Secondly, I’m always on my phone because Twitter is a gem and they’re proving it with their latest innovation: the first of all meme.

Twitter users started showing off the dichotomy of what someone says versus the reality of their experience by using the common phrase “first of all” in a series of hilarious tweets. The results are pure gol;d.

These tweets are smart, they’re clever and they’re grammatically correct.

Can the same be said about anyone over the age of 40 in the Facebook comments? Thanks, Twitter.

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