That Video Of Bella Hadid Talking Like An Undercover Cop Has Resulted In Amazing Memes

Bella Hadid knows the camera is ready for her. She’s done this a dozen times. Its button flicks on, a fire engine shade of bright red urgency flickering in her mind as she rehearses what her publicist told her to say. “And… action!” the producer says.

“And… action!” the producer says as Bella uses one hand to straighten her crispy side bang.

She inspects the wall of sneakers at New York City’s KITH store in SoHo. “Ok,” she murmurs to herself before turning to face the camera. “Say homeboy. Use as many phrases from Urban Dictionary as possible. You’ve got this.”

She’s confident. She can do this. She dated The Weeknd for like a pretty long time. It’s second-nature.

Well, Bella, turns out you can NOT do this.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Bella Hadid recently did her best impression of Kris Jenner attempting to appeal to pre-teen Kendall and Kylie by heading down to KITH for a video with Complex. She tried on some sneakers and in the process sounded like an undercover cop or a NARC attempting to get the down and dirty deets on their latest bust.

Drinking game: Take a shot every time she says homeboy.

This video resulted in an onslaught of memes, many of which called her the aforementioned names, as well as “your white mom meeting your black boyfriend for the first time.” To put it summarily, Bella Hadid’s attempt at hip, cool slang didn’t work.

That said, if it did do anything successfully, it gave us the funniest Twitter content in a hot minute.

Looks like homeboy CAN get it.

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