Bella Hadid Went Sneaker Shopping & The Video Is SO Uncomfortable

A few days ago, Complex posted a video of Bella Hadid sneaker shopping with Joe La Puma at Kith in New York City. This video is part of their channel’s series depicting celebrities going sneaker shopping and talking about their favorite shoes and styles.

Bella has a partnership with Nike and shot their anniversary campaign for their Cortez’s, so it’s not shocking that her team set this interview up. But in retrospect, they shouldn’t have because the video is cringe-worthy.

Throughout the entire video, Bella is physically and verbally uncomfortable. Her body language is odd. She doesn’t stand still and keeps fidgeting. There are multiple times when Bella lifts her leg up to show the camera her off-white Nike sneaker. It’s uh, uncomfortable. But most importantly, the way Bella talks sounds really unnatural.

She says the words dope, cool and homeboy multiple times in the span of one minute. Also, there is one point when she insinuates she would sleep with a guy if he wore a dope pair of sneakers. Frankly, it’s strange.

Her uncomfortable body language and dialect didn’t go unnoticed. Twitter was shocked and thought the way Bella talked was hilariously bizarre.

But here’s the tea: we have never heard Bella talk like this because she usually does interviews with high-end magazines. Her body language and choice of words prove that she was trying to sound “cool” for Complex and fit into their urban aesthetic. Clearly, Bella doesn’t personally categorize herself as “urban” because she is so uncomfortable and unnatural in the video.

I get that she was on the show to promote her Nike deal. But come on, her PR person should have prepped her better for this. Bella grew up in Malibu and Beverly Hills mansions, so there is nothing urban about Bella and that should have been taken into account.

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