Celebrate National Chocolate Day With Memes & ALL Of The Chocolate

You must eat chocolate today or you are breaking the law.

Just kidding. But today is National Chocolate Day and with just a few days left until Halloween, there really isn’t a better time to indulge. I have provided you with some fat-free, calorie-free memes to get you in the spirit and I know that many of us are trying to look our absolute best in our Halloween costumes, but there are actually quite a few health benefits to chocolate, which hopefully will allow you to treat yourself guilt-free.

1. It’s actually a very efficient way to keep weight down! Dark chocolate is actually very filling and can decrease cravings for sweet or salty foods significantly resulting in less snacking.

2. Dark chocolate is also beneficial to the heart as many of you probably already know. The cocoa helps battle the long-term risks of having a stroke or a heart attack.

3. Reaching for the candy during stressful times isn’t actually a bad thing. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate (sorry milk and white chocolate lovers) helps balance chemicals in the body and reduce the production of hormones that cause stress.

4. And it even helps the skin! Ignore everything you heard about chocolate causing acne. Antioxidants in dark chocolate offer protection from UV damage, though not enough to skip the sunscreen.

5. All chocolate boosts blood flow to the brain, which makes people feel more alert and awake during the day leading to a greater amount of productivity.

Now, please go eat some chocolate.

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