Pause The Cat Videos & Check Out These National Cat Day Memes

I always thought I was a dog person until three years ago when I brought home my green-eyed, black-furred bundle of mischievous joy, named Audrey. I’m 100% convinced that Audrey is a meme in and of herself: she has an odd obsession with grabbing my dog’s butt, she talks back to me, puts herself in the white laundry pile and she prefers to be called “Cat,” not Audrey.

Bonus points if you caught the Breakfast at Tiffany’s reference.

Now, don’t misread me as saying I’m no longer a dog person. I love my first furbaby, Andy. Always have, always will. But there’s something about cats that humans just get. Is it the perpetual rbf? The constant “I’m silently judging you from afar” attitude? Their air of mystery and downright cattiness (see what I did there)?

Whatever the reason, there is always an occasion when funny cat memes or pictures are acceptable. Slow day at the office? Cat pic. Significant other broke up with you? Cat pic. Mom called you downstairs for dinner just for you to find out it’s not ready yet? Cat pic.

National Cat Day is today. You know what to do.

Whether you prefer sink cats, cat-rittos, the “If I Fits, I sits,” sleepy cats that look like they were at the pre-game, too, the “silent but deadly,” or just the cute and cuddly (but still slightly evil), this compilation of cat pics is for everyone.

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