Joe Keery Is The Hot Hero You Never Knew You Needed

As this weekend was unofficially declared Halloweekend 2018, it was also more officially and more importantly declared Stranger Things weekend. The show’s second season hit Netflix on Friday, October 27.

Fans were thrilled to enter the Upside Down yet again, but one character did a complete 180 and shocked the audience, becoming… fatherly? Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, flipped from an obnoxious jock to the world’s best babysitter.

Stranger Things fanatics may have been a little upset to see that Nancy Wheeler chose Steve as her number one man over Jonathan Byers last season, but after struggling with her conflicting feelings about how she feels about the two guys, Steve was left heartbroken. Unlike season one, in which Nancy seemed too good for Steve, this season depicts Steve as being too good for Nancy.

Steve has become the new fan favorite. Keery charmed the pants off of everyone with his character’s new role. Portraying Steve in Stranger Things was the actor and musician’s breakout role. He previously appeared in commercials for KFC and Dominos along with some minor film and television parts. Stranger Things got the green light for a season three and season four so we’ll luckily be seeing much more of Joe Keery.

Oh, and he’s also in a band. Keery is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the garage band Post Animal, who released their debut album in 2015.

Unfortunately for most of us, Keery does have a girlfriend. Her name is Maika Monroe and she showed up to the Stranger Things 2 premiere as Keery’s date. At least we can all gawk together over his beautiful face from afar while he gives his heart over to Monroe.

Do yourself a favor and scroll through some of his Instagram photos.

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