Someone Put Strawberries On Their Pizza & Twitter Is Not A Fan

Pizza toppings are always a heated discussion and usually at the center of the debate is pineapple. The savory sweet fruit is paired with ham and put on top of Hawaiian pizzas. You either love it or you hate it, there is no in between.

But when Twitter user MoonEmojii shared a photo of their strawberry pizza everyone came together to ask them, ‘WTF?!’

It doesn’t matter if you’re #TeamPineapple or #AntiPineapple this is disgusting. Strawberries and cheese? In what world is that okay?

Seriously Twitter came for this person.

But do you blame them? Strawberries don’t belong on pizza.

A few INSANE people are coming to MoonEmojii’s defense saying fruit and cheese go together, but not like this. Strawberries and cheese shouldn’t be baked together, with red sauce and crust. It’s just not okay.

This tweet has sparked so much outrage that MoonEmojii’s mentions are filled with disgust. They have been a trooper and hilariously responding to everyone coming for them, but they just want to be left alone.

Sorry MoonEmojii, pineapple lovers and haters need to join together to ban this greater evil, strawberry pizza.

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