Sarah Paulson Going Through the ‘AHS’ Haunted House Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Sarah Paulson AHS

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Sarah Paulson may be on one of the scariest shows on television, but she’s not cut out for the horror scene in real life.

After being scared so badly by Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that the American Horror Story actress ended up on the floor, the host decided it would be a grand idea to send Paulson through a haunted house with her producer Andy in honor of Halloween. To make things even better, the house is based on the scares in the FX show that Paulson stars in.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t go well for the pair.

Despite being familiar with characters from the show such as The Butcher (AHS: Roanoke) and The Pig-Man (Murder House and other seasons), Paulson was still shocked when the characters popped out at her. Let’s just say that she ended up on the floor multiple times.

And Andy’s years of experience in haunted houses wasn’t exactly helpful, especially because he was quick to ditch Paulson when the going got tough.

Watch the hilarious walk-through below.

Oh, DeGeneres. You are a cruel, cruel woman.

My personal favorite part is Paulson scolding the actors…after screaming her head off, of course.

Hopefully her character fares better on Cult.

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