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Ryan Murphy Finally Revealed The Theme For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7


It’s that time of year! No, not back to school. Don’t say that.

We finally have the theme of American Horror Story‘s upcoming season and it sounds (and looks) pretty scary. Like really, really scary.

Ryan Murphy unveiled the theme shortly after midnight on July 21.

And an associated Twitter account teased some really scary content for the season as well.

This season will be American Horror Story: Cult. A teaser trailer is coming very soon, but we do know that this season will center around politics and have something to do with the 2016 election (which was a horror story in and of itself, TBH).

Even Ryan Murphy says the trailer is “terrifying,” so looks like we won’t be sleeping without a night light for a little bit here!

Murphy also took the opportunity to answer fan questions and discuss the cast, as well as the filming location.

Murphy said that show would be set in Michigan, which does have its own political inclinations as an imperative swing state, one that took an unexpected turn during the whole Clinton vs. Trump fiasco.

There will be some fun returns and of course, more fear to come.

We’re excited. This definitely calls for some binge-watching of the past seasons… but only in a brightly-lit room, during the day, with everyone else at home, too.

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