Check Out Every Kardashian Christmas Card From The Past

The Kardashians are known for a few things, being reality TV’s first family, creating multi-million dollar businesses out of nothing and their Christmas cards. Every year the family releases an epic Christmas card photo that looks like a magazine editorial spread.

Unfortunately last year the Kardashians didn’t do a Christmas card because of Kim’s Paris robbery. In 2015 the infamous card only featured Kris’ grandchildren and the year before in 2014 they didn’t do a card. So we haven’t been graced will a full family photo Christmas photo since 2013!

But we can all rest easy because momager Kris announced that there will be a Christmas card this year! Except it won’t be like the others because Kim is in charge of this year’s photo.

Our predictions for the Kardashian 2017 Christmas card is that Khloé and Kylie will reveal their rumored pregnancies in the photo. We are guessing that the photo will be glam, trendy and neutral toned. We also doubt Caitlyn will be invited for this year’s card.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the Kardashian’s previous holiday cards.


Rob was a baby and Kendall and Kylie wasn’t even a thought in Caitlyn and Kris’ brains. Caitlyn’s other children are included in the photo. Also, are those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Santa Clauses? Chic.

The late Robert Kardashian and Kris were divorced by now, but he made sure to send out a card of his own with his four kids.

Early 1990s

Why does this look like a poster for a cheesy Christmas movie? The all-white outfits with the red plaid ties are almost as funny as the Santa Claus wearing sunglasses.

The 90s attire is so prominent in this card. Kim and Kourtney are serving looks in this Christmas card. They’re naturals in front of the camera.


All we have to say is, baby Kendall!


Robert and his new wife Eleanor Pearson organized a Christmas photo with Robert’s kids. Please note Khloé’s blonde hair, it’s too cute. Kris, on the other hand, went on a Christmas card hiatus.

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Kris is back baby and we are on the beach! You think being in California they could have picked a beach with sand and not rocks. Look at how wide everyone is standing, it looks so unnatural.


The last Christmas card before Keeping Up With The Kardashians was released. This should be an artifact. This is the last non-professional Christmas card the family has. According to Refinery 29, the blonde Rob has his arm around is Caitlyn’s other daughter Cassandra Marino.


Just look at what a year of having a successful reality television show can do for a family! The black tie and red dress code makes this photo an instant classic.


This Christmas card photo is a little bit of a cop-out for such a famous and rich family. According to Metro, they used a family photo from Khloé and Lamar Odom’s wedding for their card. Ryan Seacrest makes a cameo in the picture and so does Kourtney’s baby bump.


Back to the glam! This is both Scott Disick’s and Mason Disick’s first Christmas card.


This Christmas card photo is super chic, but it seems a little too doom and gloom for a holiday card.


Yes, a fun Christmas photo! Baby Penelope Disick looks so cute in her little bow. Can you spot Kim’s late cat Mercy?


This is by far the family’s most elaborate card to date. David LaChapelle photographed it so there was no room to be boring.

The glam and money is a beautiful metaphor for the Kardashians. Robert isn’t present in the photo, while Caitlyn is photographed in a case in the corner out of the spotlight.


The family’s last photo was simple and adorable. All of the grandchildren were photographed, North West, Penelope, Mason and Reign Disick.

We can’t wait to see what the family does this year and who will be included in the photo, maybe Kanye West will finally make an appearance.


The Kardashians brought back their family Christmas card. The family took a collection of photos of all of them wearing white shirts and denim bottoms. In season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the scheduling for the photos caused a huge riff between Kourtney and Kim. Kendall also wasn’t present during the photo shoot and her own shoot later and was edited into the picture.

Kylie was absent during the photo because she was secretly pregnant.


The Kardashian and Jenner’s who are mothers gathered for a Christmas card. The card featured Kourtney, Mason, Penelope, Reign, Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Khloe, True, Dream, Kylie and Stormi. The only people not present for the picture is Kris, Kendall and Rob.

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