A NICU Nurse Hand Knitted Halloween Costumes For All The Preemie Babies Under Her Care

Good Housekeeping

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse Tara Fankhauser made sure every one of her little patients celebrated Halloween. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite nurse hand knitted 30 costumes for all of her premature baby patients.

It took her four months to complete all the knitted costumes but it was worth it. “I love working on these costumes for our NICU babies, nothing is cuter than seeing our tiniest patients dress up for Halloween,” she told Good Housekeeping. Her costumes range from a classic pumpkin, baseball player, gumball machine and a superhero.

Good Housekeeping

Fankhauser searched through Pinterest for costume inspiration. Three babies were added this past week and she made sure they had costumes too.

Some costumes take a couple of hours while others take a few days, it just depends. Fankhauser makes sure to make the costumes in a range of sizes because she doesn’t know what babies will be in the NICU come Halloween day.

Good Housekeeping

It’s typically the patients first Halloween so celebrating is important to Fankhauser as a parent. She has three kids of her own. “When I make these costumes, I think about being a parent,” she told Good Housekeeping. “And I think about these parents wanting to celebrate the first Halloween with their kids.”

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