Emoji Hair Is Now Trending & It’s Easier To Achieve Than You Think







Hair has been having a huge moment. Hair trends recently have ranged from a subtle ombre, which everyone had, to full-on pastel hair. That trend truly swept the nation. Then before you know it everyone has platinum bleach blonde hair.

Keeping up with hair trends is costly and damaging. But the latest hair trend is free and won’t cause your tresses any stress. It’s basically a dream come true.

The #EmojiTrend is very simple. You take a selfie and then place emojis all over your hair. Using Snapchat or Instagram to snap your selfie is your best bet.


To make your emoji hair most aesthetic pick emojis that are the same color wheelhouse. And stray away from using any of the yellow face emojis.


Obviously, you should use a picture that showcases a lot of your hair so then you have tons of space to place your emojis. Don’t be afraid to vary the sizes of the emojis too.


This trend is so cute! The emoji possibilities are endless. Some people really went overboard on the trend and filled every surface of their hair with emojis.


While others did the opposite of the trend and putting emojis around their hair instead of on top of it.


Both ways are really cute. As long as there are emojis near your hair then you’re on trend.

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