Why You Need To Know The Meaning Behind Latina Equal Pay Day






You may have heard of Latina Equal Pay Day or maybe you’ve seen it on a calendar or social media, but you might not know exactly the meaning behind the holiday. What exactly is the purpose behind Latina Equal Pay Day?

Today marks the day on which the salaries of Latina women finally catch up to what white male workers made last year in 2016. For centuries, women have been seeking independence from men, and the fight for equal pay has been grueling for so many women. That fight that is far from over, which is reason why today is so important.

Latina women that are both already in the workforce and that are entering it are requesting higher rates. They’re fighting because Latina women only earn 54 cents for every white man’s dollar. According to Nationalpartnership.org, the median salary for Latina women is $31,109 a year. Meanwhile, the media salary for non-Hispanic white men is $57,204. That’s $26,095 more per year, which is a major difference.

Let’s just take a second to think about if the wage gap were closed. Think of how helpful that would be for Latina women in America. They would be able to afford a year of school, pay for rent, buy food and still have money left without living from paycheck to paycheck. If they have children, this money would take some of the stress off in raising kids.

We know that equal pay for women isn’t just a gender issue but a race issue as well. Throughout the year we’ve had Asian-American Women’s Equal Pay Day in March, All Women’s Equal Pay Day in April, African-American Women’s Equal Pay Day in July and Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day in September. Not only is Latina Equal Pay Day last, but it’s forgotten about by many, even those who call themselves feminists. Women are already not taken seriously enough. We are last and we need to be heard. Use your voice in supporting Latina women.

Today is a day to raise more awareness about this problem and for Latina women to share their stories about how this affects their lives.

You can show your support by tweeting #Latinaequalpay or #Trabajadoras.

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