Sarah Hyland Shut Down Plastic Surgery Rumors In The Funniest Way

Sarah Hyland didn’t hold anything back when she saw a post analyzing if the Modern Family star got plastic surgery.

Life & Style posted a story, that has since been updated, of plastic surgery experts and doctors making comments on how Hyland’s face has changed over the years.

Hyland was not having it. She quote tweeted the article on Twitter and wrote, “THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. to have Drs give their opinion ON MY FACE is absolutely┬áridiculous and degrading. Fuck off.”

Hyland then tweeted a longer rant about how she really feels about the plastic surgery critiques. Hyland said that her health this past year had been horrible and that her face has been altered because of the life-saving medicine she is on.

The illness Hyland is referring to is her battle with kidney dysplasia. She had a kidney transplant in 2012, but this past year she has been struggling with her health. She shared some insight on her Twitter in May about her sickness.

The medication she is on has caused her face to swell up. Hyland is also on bed rest, which has caused her to lose muscle mass. She has been subjected to online bullying calling her anorexic.

Life & Style updated their story to take out the doctors’ speculations, but Hyland wasn’t having it. She posted hilarious videos of herself wearing a face sheet mask saying things like, “I’m so beautiful right now, God, all my plastic surgery really paid off.”

Hyland let the tabloid have it and we support it! Commenting on anyone’s appearance, especially when it’s public knowledge that they are experiencing health problems is not okay.

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