Celebrate National Donut Day With These Memes & Tweets

It’s National Donut Day!

Well, it’s one of the two National Donut Days observed in the United States, the other being the first Friday in June. That just means twice the amount of donut love.

The one in June is the more official donut day considering it was established by the Salvation Army back in 1938 as a way to honor the women who served soldiers donuts during World War I. The one celebrated today is completely fabricated like most other food holidays, but honestly, we should be celebrating donuts every day.

Companies like Entenmann’s and Dunkin’ Donuts don’t participate in this one, but rumor has it that Krispy Kreme gives away donuts on BOTH days. There are also various other donut days for specific donuts throughout the year like National Jelly-Filled Donut Day and National Creme-Filled Donut Day if you have a preference. I personally like vanilla-frosted with sprinkles, but¬†unfortunately, we don’t have a day dedicated to that kind yet.

You can also try making your own donuts! I know, that’s an unfathomable concept for most of us, but there are so many recipes online for delicious-sounding donuts. You can try¬†cookie dough-stuffed donut holes, s’mores donuts, or even strawberry margarita donuts. The opportunities are endless!

So, even though today was made up for no reason whatsoever, treat yourself to this fluffy pastry and check out these hilarious donut memes.

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