We Are So Jealous Of This Bride’s Delicious Donut Bouquet









Every bride tries to inject her own personality into her wedding. It may be a funny choreographed first dance, a quirky cake or a unique theme that really captures the recently married couple’s relationship perfectly.

But you know what is a staple at weddings? Flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. They’re expensive, die in a few days but are a necessity at every wedding. But not at Paige and Steven Kirk’s wedding. Paige decided that flowers were SO last year and got herself and her bridesmaids DONUT BOUQUETS!


To live in a time where donut bouquets are real is truly a blessed feeling. Paige is out here living her best life having her bridesmaids eat and walk down the aisle at the same damn time. Listen if I were a bridesmaid and got surprised with a dozen donuts as opposed to a dozen peonies, I wouldn’t complain about the rest of my bridal party duties.


The donuts aren’t just thrown on a stick like T-Bo from iCarly.


The bouquet’s are arranged beautifully just like real flowers would be. Paige’s donuts look to be cake donuts with white frosting and white chocolate shavings. There are even smaller, bit-sized donuts sprinkled through out the bouquet.

The bakery that made her amazing donut bouquet, Dessert Boxes, makes pretty wild regular donuts and various other bouquets. Their Nutella stuffed donuts look heavenly. I have a feeling their order numbers are going to be through the roof soon.


Nothing quite says true love like a bunch of beautifully arranged donuts, right?

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